Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The MK Ultra Sleep Room Experiments at McGill's Allen Memorial Institute

Every country, it seems, has its iconic medical research scandal.  In America, it's Tuskegee. In New Zealand, it's the "Unfortunate Experiment" at Auckland Women's Hospital. And in Canada, it's Dr. Ewen Cameron's CIA-funded "sleep room" experiments at McGill University.

The authoritative account of Cameron's bizarre ECT and LSD-fueled "psychic driving" experiments is In The Sleep Room  by Anne Collins. But the story of Cameron's experiments was originally broken by the CBC News program, "The Fifth Estate."  The story aired on March 11, 1980.  Here is a summary:

During the Cold War, the CIA funded a series of secret brainwashing experiments at a prestigious psychiatric clinic at McGill University.

No method was too bizarre, including using LSD, hypnosis, prolonged periods of induced sleep, and electrical shocks to the brain. Patients were given the treatment without explanation or consent, and even decades later complained that they had never completely recovered.

In 1980, The Fifth Estate exposed the magnitude of the human tragedy with this episode in which two Canadians told their stories publicly for the first time.

You can see the original broadcast here.

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