Thursday, November 26, 2015

Putting the puppets back in their box

In the Duluth News Tribune, an unedited version of a story that originally appeared in the Strib:

The emails the university released also offer a glimpse at efforts by university leaders to manage the flow of information to the public and the media in the days after Teague’s resignation. In one email to the university’s communications staff, chief of staff Amy Phenix decries statements (Board of Regents Chair) Dean Johnson made in media interviews that she says were “simply not true,” such as saying university leadership had become aware of “red flags” when Teague was selected for the job. Phenix suggested Johnson should start consulting with then-communications director Chuck Tombarge before responding to interview requests and then receive preparation from communications staff.

“We wouldn’t let EWK go out there without sufficient facts and prep time,” Phenix wrote referring to Kaler, “and we shouldn’t let the Chair of the Board do so either.”

And in The Minnesota Daily: 

“I think he (Dean Johnson) simply needs to not make a decision about responding to media calls without first talking to [University spokesman Chuck Tombarge], and, if all agree he should respond, he has to get messages from us and be prepped,” she said in the email.

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