Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Paul McEnroe to lead KSTP investigative unit

Can't say I saw this coming, but it is welcome news.

From Brian Lambert at MinnPost:

There’s an adage in the news business, one that applies to every reporter who thinks they're a legend, who thinks that adoring readers will weep and rend their garments when they retire. Something to the effect of: “While a news man (or woman) may be a household name one day, the day after he quits no one will remember he was ever there.”

Paul McEnroe, the Strib’s widely respected, remarkably productive and long-running investigative reporter, may have decided not to test that maxim. Having left the Strib barely two weeks ago in the latest round of buy­outs, McEnroe has signed with KSTP-­TV with the goal of jump­-starting the station’s investigative unit.

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