Monday, November 2, 2015

Not with a bang but a whimper

There has been no public announcement yet, but Fairview employees have been told that COO Carolyn Wilson has left the building. You have to wonder what is behind her departure.  It has only been eight months since CEO Rulon Stacey resigned -- again, with no real explanation.

Exactly how Fairview has managed to escape accountability for the problems in the Department of Psychiatry has never been clear. I wrote to Wilson several times over the years with complaints, and so did Leigh Turner, but she rarely replied and never agreed to a meeting.

Maybe this is simply how the Markingson and Huber scandals will end.  Nobody will admit responsibility; nobody will apologize. They'll just resign quietly or move on, like Mark Rotenberg, Tim Mulcahy, Aaron Friedman and Moira Keane.  And when they do, of course, they'll be replaced with people who think exactly the same way.

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