Monday, November 9, 2015

No justice, no football

An astonishing story at the University of Missouri, reported in The New York Times:

Students at the University of Missouri have been demonstrating for weeks for the ouster of the university president, protesting the school’s handling of racial tensions. But their movement received a boost over the weekend when dozens of black football players issued a blunt ultimatum: Resign or they won’t play.

Fueling the anger were a series of on-campus incidents: racial slurs hurled at black students and feces smeared into the shape of a swastika on a wall in a residence hall. What many students viewed as a sluggish response from the administration gave rise to calls for the removal of the president, Timothy M. Wolfe.

Just as astonishing: the coach, Gary Pinkel, is standing with the players in their protest. 

It almost seems like 1968 again...

UPDATE: Timothy Wolfe, the president, has resigned.

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