Monday, November 23, 2015

Did a Fairview psychologist impersonate a cop?

Remember this news story from a few days ago?  Last month, the Apple Valley police got a report of a "suspicious vehicle" using red and blue lights to pull over drivers. The police stopped the car, but the driver "denied any knowledge of having flashing lights."  Then things got interesting.

According to Fox 9:

 The officer “observed a box that appeared to be used for activating the lights” and asked him to press the button.  As a result, police witnessed flashing red and blue lights on the back of his vehicle.

After turning over his rear and front lights to police, additional equipment including a switch system was found on his center console. Underneath the switches was a siren and PA box.

The driver, Jason Bartholomay, has been charged with impersonating a police officer.  In news reports he is identified as a Farmington City Council member. But his web page identifies him as a therapist with the University of Minnesota Medical Center, and his Linkedin profile lists his employer as the Department of Psychology at Fairview Health Services.

He told police that he uses the flashing lights to respond to "suicidal situations."

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