Saturday, October 24, 2015

What, me worry?

From Pat Borzi at MinnPost:

Pitino works at a university where the athletic director who hired him, Norwood Teague, a sexual harasser with a drinking problem, resigned in disgrace; where another senior administrator, Mike Ellis, remains on paid leave while the university investigates allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination; where the university investigated one sexual misconduct complaint against a football player, but dropped others because reporting students declined to cooperate; where Pitino kicked one of his players, Daquein McNeil, off the team last November following an arrest for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

And yet when Pitino was asked if he was worried that reports of "on-campus strippers and sex parties" at the University of Louisville, his former employer, where his father is head coach, might affect his job at the U, Pitino replied: "No. Not even a little part."

And why would he worry, given the way this university handles misconduct?  The worst thing that can happen is a healthy severance package and a warm letter of recommendation.

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