Saturday, October 3, 2015

“What I do recall most distinctly was the committee probing on how I might keep my review and recommendations from being a public document”

What do we know so far?

We know that the Dept. of Education Office of Civil Rights is investigating the U for Title IX violations. We know that the U paid out a quarter million dollars in a lawsuit settlement after a little "semi-nude" modeling in the gymnastics program. We know the university is facing a gender discrimination lawsuit after it fired three gay coaches at the Duluth campus.  And we know that the administration's botched handling of the Norwood Teague and Mike Ellis affairs have turned the University of Minnesota into a national punch line.

Today, thanks to the Star Tribune, we know (as if we didn't know before) that university officials have something else they are trying to hide. But we don't know exactly what it is.

Two years ago, the U hired a consultant named Janet Judge to conduct a gender equity review of the athletics department.  But it never disclosed her findings, and despite the fact that the U is a public university, it took steps to ensure that the review would never see the light of day. “I think the only reason you do that is because you’ve got something to hide,” Minneapolis attorney Priscilla Lord told the Strib.

On Friday, the university released an eight-page "Interim Report and Equity Plan for Gopher Athletics."  You can read it here.  It discusses Judge's findings.  But you have to wonder: if this is the U's scrubbed, cleaned-up version of its potential Title IX problems, what have the federal investigators found?

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