Wednesday, October 14, 2015

U faculty members to Kaler: "Drop the charges!"

As reluctant as I am to speculate about the inner lives of university functionaries, I'll confess that I am baffled by their insistence on punishing these student protesters.

The Daily explains:

University of Minnesota faculty members are petitioning for the school to drop student conduct charges against 13 students who occupied President Eric Kaler’s office in February.

Members of Whose Diversity? last winter protested what they called a lack of campus diversity by taking over Kaler’s office in Morrill Hall, and police eventually arrested them.

Some University faculty members are concerned about punishing the students because they say it could hurt freedom of speech on campus.

City officials told members of Whose Diversity? — an unofficial student group that advocates for increased diversity — they would not face criminal charges if they abided by a one-year probationary period. However, the school hasn’t dropped charges for disorderly conduct and failing to identify and comply with University officials, said David Melendez, a second-year theatre graduate student and Whose Diversity? member.

The rest of the story is here, and here, and here. 

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