Sunday, October 25, 2015

"Or maybe in this story, Katina Powell is just the lowest-level pimp in the room. Instead of writing corporate how-to books, Rick Pitino and his ilk should be delivering seminars in Big Pimpin’."

Writing in The Nation, Dave Zirin nails the situation at Louisville:

We all write the word “alleged” when it comes to “Louisville Madam” Katina Powell’s assertion that she supplied strippers and sex workers to lure recruits for the local big-time basketball program. But the allegations are easy to believe, for one critical reason: If they weren’t valid, the Louisville War Room would be working overtime to discredit Katina Powell, destroy her character, and wreck her life. Instead, they are in a retrenchment mode, looking for scapegoats, and trying to save the job of superstar head coach Rick Pitino, as well as the future of the most lucrative hoops program in the NCAA.

Pitino’s friends in high places are saying that there is “no way” he could have known. They want us to believe that a man described as the Godfather of Louisville was kept in the dark about years of sex parties with players, coaches, and campus security all allegedly present.


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