Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nominee for FDA director quietly removed his name from journal articles critical of the FDA

First we found out he was a big fan of Duke basketball and wears team colors on game days.  Now, as if that were not enough to disqualify him from an FDA position, we learn that Robert Califf has quietly scrubbed his name from some journal articles critical of the FDA.

From the Boston Globe:

Califf’s nomination was not seen as controversial, but the removal of his name from scientific papers could complicate his hearing before the Senate.

Under guidelines from the Committee on Publication Ethics, a nonprofit group that is focused on best practices in scholarly publishing, author lists must be accurate and complete to ensure all authors receive the appropriate level of credit and responsibility, said Tara Hoke, a trustee for the organization.

“COPE would express concern about any decision that might impact the integrity of the authorship record,” Hoke said.

And later:

Referring to reports of Califf’s long history of accepting funding from pharmaceutical companies, (Shannon) Brownlee said: “We already know that he thinks financial relationships between places like Duke and the drug industry are OK, so we know that. I think it’s probably a good idea to know what he thinks about this kind of research.”

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