Monday, October 5, 2015

No re-accreditation for the U's IRB

Given the amount of money institutions have to pay AAHRPP to accredit their IRBs, you'd think they would feel obliged to rubber-stamp every application they received (as long as the check didn't bounce). That's pretty much what AAHRPP did at the U for ten years, even as the U slouched from one research scandal to the next.

Now, however, they seem to be having second thoughts.  A letter sent to the U's Debra Dykhuis on September 18 -- but unreleased until now -- says that AAHRP has "deferred making a decision" about re-accrediting the U's IRB.  You can read about the problems the IRB has failed to correct in a report from June 1-3 2015, titled Final Site Visit Report.

For the short version, check out MPR News and Fox 9.

Update: The Daily also has a story.

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