Friday, September 11, 2015

University of Minnesota VP used institutional funds to buy an aerial drone?

So says this AP report. Also Google Glass, a high-end gaming headset, a body camera and "multiple laptop computers."

According to the AP:

The audit examined Studham's hiring of personal friends as university contractors outside the normal competitive bid process and his own use of university equipment, recording of vacation time and use of school funds. There were also suggestions he was monitoring email and instant messenger traffic of employees inside and outside of his department, a charge he rejected as "completely untrue."

President Kaler has issued a press release explaining that he asked Studham to step down.

"While there have been complaints filed with the university about Mr. Studham's judgment, that's not the reason I requested that he step aside," Kaler said in his statement. "My decision centered on the culture in his unit and his relationship with his peers."

However, the Pioneer Press reports that Studham's severance package included $66,300 and "a letter of recommendation from Kaler."

No word on whether Studham got to keep the drone.

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