Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The SUPPORT study, yet again

This time in the New York Times.

On Aug. 13, Judge Karon O. Bowdre of Federal District Court for the Northern District of Alabama... threw out the lawsuit by the families, reasoning that they had not shown that the Support trial caused their babies’ injuries. The trial may have increased their risks, the judge wrote, but that was not enough to hear the case.


Professor (George) Annas said the ruling simply meant that the families could not prove the study had caused the injuries, but that did not mean that it had not or that the consent forms, which he argues played a small role in the case, were obtained properly.

A good analogy, he said, was the decision by a federal judge last week to throw out a four-game suspension of the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady over his role in the deflation of footballs.

“That decision does not mean Brady is innocent any more than the Bowdre decision means that informed consent was properly obtained,” he said.

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