Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Your tuition dollars at work

So now we know where the really bad bartenders are.  It turns out that the senior leadership retreat where Norwood Teague was "overserved" took place at the Breezy Point Resort on Pelican Lake. It was attended not just by President Kaler and his staff but the entirety of U leadership, including VP for Research Brian Herman, Provost Karen Hanson, and VP for Health Sciences Brooks Jackson. The cost? Upwards of $10,000, according to Fox 9.

Topics on the agenda included "cutting administrative costs."

But hey, if you want to attract the best, I guess you have to be prepared to pay the big money. There's a reason why the U is run like a well-oiled machine. It's the quality of our leaders.  Which is crucially dependent on the quality of our leadership retreats. So the next time some dimwit reporter from the Wall Street Journal singles out the U for administrative bloat, there's your answer.  If you want real leaders, you have to treat them in the manner to which they are accustomed.

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