Thursday, August 20, 2015

Vitamin K for everything

I wasn't halfway through this Bloomberg Business article on ketamine before I started thinking maybe I could use an infusion myself. (Beware any drug article that quotes no critics.)  But the part that really caught my eye was the paragraph about Dr. Keith Ablow, who advertises himself as "America's best known psychiatrist" (never heard of him) and is identified in the articles as a frequent Fox News guest.  Ablow is soliciting investments for a company called Neuragain, which will market ketamine treatment as a side business for family doctors.

“We believe we can double the income of the average family physician or internist,” Ablow says. Neuragain, he explains, will keep up to 40 percent of the profits in exchange for providing marketing material, a physicians network, and a call center that will handle administrative tasks. “There are millions and millions of depressed people who can benefit,” says Ablow, who anticipates that a series of six sessions will cost patients $3,000. “We’re treating everyone from cashiers to CEOs, because when you’re depressed, $3,000 … turns out not to be an impediment for the vast majority of people who have relatives who can help, health savings accounts, or who can otherwise procure the money or use a credit card, for that matter.”

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