Tuesday, August 18, 2015

U says it doesn't know how much it paid search firm to find coaches

Here's an odd statement. The U says that Parker Executive Search, the headhunting firm that brought in Norwoood Teague, conducted a "full, thorough, and comprehensive background check" background check on Teague and still did not uncover the gender discrimination lawsuit against him at Virginia Commonwealth.  (That lawsuit was apparently was not difficult for Regina Sullivan's attorney to discover, but whatever.)  The odd part is what the U says about its searches for football coach Tim Brewster and basketball coach Tubby Smith, who were also brought in by Parker.

According to the Star Tribune

"The U signed a contract with Parker in 2007 for $80,000 to find a football and basketball coach. A spokesman said the U does not have records on how much was actually paid to the search firm. The candidates that were eventually hired for the positions, Tim Brewster and Tubby Smith, have since been fired by the U."

Seriously?  The U does not have records on how much it paid?  Why not?  Did they send somebody with a stack of unmarked bills in a gym bag?

Something is not right here.

(HT Bill Messing)

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