Thursday, August 27, 2015

"The Star Tribune missed an opportunity to leverage its powerful position in our community for the good. Instead, it allowed Teague’s sense of entitlement to go unchecked, and he predictably continued to misuse the positional power of the athletic director to intimidate, harass, and assault women."

Writing in MinnPost, Tom Micheletti says that when Strib reporter Amelia Rayno told the newspaper that she had been harassed by Norwood Teague, she "should have been assured that the newspaper would fully stand beside her and protect her from retaliation if the university did not take appropriate action."

Instead, the Star Tribune leadership dropped the ball. In hindsight, Rayno regretted not taking action immediately so as to protect the two university women who subsequently became targets of Teague. It wasn’t her fault. Her company failed her.

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