Thursday, August 27, 2015

"The Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press have yet to write a single byline story about Winona State basketball coach Mike Leaf, who's accused of drunkenly molesting one of his players who had passed out at the coach's home."

So says the (Rochester, Minnesota) Post-Bulletin.

The Post-Bulletin published stories about Leaf's resignation and the hiring of his replacement, Todd Eisner, but treaded lightly while checking out the swirling allegations that spread like wildfire among college coaches at an AAU basketball tournament June 26 in St. Cloud. Data requests filed June 29 and July 14 by the P-B turned up little and were rejected, respectively, but multiple sources privately confirmed details of the alleged incident that were eventually reported in the Daily News on Aug. 21.

And that story in the Winona Daily News?  Here is a sample.

The player observed that Leaf appeared to be severely intoxicated, he said. Leaf repeatedly stared into the player’s eyes. At one point Leaf told the player to put on a pair of white underwear. Leaf began moving closer and closer to the player as they sat in the backyard.

On multiple occasions, Leaf reached over to touch the player’s hand. The player pushed him away each time. Eventually, the player said, Leaf appeared to lose consciousness, at which point the player collected his things to leave.

Leaf tried to stop the player, saying he should stay at Leaf’s house for the night.

“‘No, no, no, you’re not going,” the player recalled Leaf saying to him. “You’re drunk. You need to stay here tonight. You need to stay here with me.”

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