Thursday, August 27, 2015

Only one in ten rapes on U of M campus lead to an arrest or criminal charges

This alarming Fox 9 News Report is well worth watching.  Here is an excerpt:

A few weeks into her freshman year, Blake said she was sexually assaulted by a young man she invited to watch television in her dorm room. She reported it to the University, and he was put on academic probation and forced into counseling.

"My first perpetrator is still on this campus. I walk around with pepper spray at all times. It's actually behind me right now," Blake said.

She shared her experience on social media, even naming her rapist. In the video she stated:  "He was allowed his own testimony, wherein he changed the narrative. He called me the college whore."

Less than a year later, it happened again, at an off campus party. "Someone offered me some alcohol. I was going to leave and that's all I remember until I got home. Didn't have my clothes or my belongings and had no idea how I got there," she recalled.  

Friends told her to keep it quiet, that it was all a misunderstanding. But this time, she went to the hospital, then police. The student even became a suspect in a second rape. But just a couple of weeks ago, prosecutors declined to charge the case, for lack of evidence.

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