Sunday, August 16, 2015

How about treating sex offenders like humans?

That's the question asked by Gail Rosenblum in the Star Tribune.  She writes:

The Minnesota Sex Offender Program houses more than 50 clients with no adult criminal convictions. Another 112 clients have been assigned to MSOP’s “alternative program” because of developmental disabilities or other limitations preventing them from advancing in the normal treatment program. Many likely would do well in supervised, and less costly, communal settings. The current price tag per client per year is $120,000.

“It’s immoral what we’ve done,” said Margretta Dwyer, a licensed psychologist who has worked with hundreds of sex offenders for decades, including serving for 17 years as director of the sexual offender treatment program at the University of Minnesota Medical School in the 1980s.

“The problem will not go away by us not integrating them back into society,” she said. “It will only make it worse.”

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