Friday, July 3, 2015

Arne Carlson: "You name me any person who's been successful and I'll name you a person who was the recipient of an invisible hand that came down and helped them. We're all blessed in a sense that we had help in getting where we are. We owe. We just owe. And we should pay it back."

"I think government has to realize it's in the business of humanity," he says. "I think it has a tremendous obligation to help people help themselves and help them succeed. That's why the stadium thing is offensive. It's not offensive because we built the stadium. It's offensive because through incompetence the wrong person became enriched and the wrong people are paying for it. You can't have money constantly override everything else and that's what's happening to us."

Check out this excellent profile of Arne Carlson in City Pages.

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  1. I would very much like to have a conversation with you.
    We were a part of a cover up on the part of Stanford hospital. We just completed and unfortunately lost our medical malpractice case against them. There were 3 interventional radiologists who agreed Stanford did not live up to standard of care. Yet none would testify against them.
    We had a strong case but in the end the judge instructed the jury that if they were to find the doctor at fault he must be found at fault by another interventional radiologist expert. Which of course, we could not get.
    My husband went in for an overnight procedure, a j-tube. He was on high doses of pain medicine, the sirs protocol came up in their computers and the nurses knew he has sepsis. But nobody gave tests or diagnosed him for five days. He was 49 days in the ICU and three months in a long term acute care center. Brought home to die on a vent and a trach in 2012. We lost our film studio and have a mountain of debt. We had excellent attorneys but our lives have been turned upside down.
    Thank you for speaking out on how the hospitals are routinely giving more attention to covering up mistakes than looking into the mistakes so that they are not repeated.,
    Ginny Mitchel

    Santa Cruz, Ca