Monday, May 11, 2015

Investigation reveals some hospital staff deeply distrust U psychiatric researchers

Can anyone really be surprised that a lot of Fairview staff members have a "profound" distrust of some of the University's psychiatric researchers?

After the Markingson scandal, the Robert Huber affair, the Michael Swanson case and the Seroquel-in-the-oatmeal fiasco, a better question would be: who still trusts these researchers and why?

From today's report on MPR by Alex Friedrich on the newly released investigation:

Fairview staff and some university researchers worried about a handful of their fellow researchers and some of their staff. They said they did not trust those colleagues to properly obtain the consent of patients, and that those colleagues "did not fully appreciate the vulnerable state of many patients."

The report said some researchers also did not consult enough with hospital caregivers, who the report said are in a good position to judge the ability of a patient or family member to give informed consent.

"Several interviewees expressed concern about the lack of transparency, consultation and scientific motivation for psychiatric studies run by some [researchers]," the report said.

"UMN and Fairview leadership appears insensitive to the cultural tensions and the causes of it," the report said. Management "appears to be exacerbating the tension by not understanding and/or addressing the issues at hand, real or perceived."

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