Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dishonesty and bad management have destroyed U medical school, writes former cardiology chief

"Over the last two decades, the Medical School has been rocked by successive ethical scandals. Poor financial management led the Board of Regents in 1996 to sell the university hospital to Fairview, a community hospital chain with an average reputation in health care. Since then, review after review has found a lackluster record of achievement; a loss of important faculty members, and inept, bloated administrative functions."

"All of this prompted the dean of the University of Michigan Medical School (who is a University of Minnesota graduate) to tell the Michigan Daily about his once-great alma mater: 'They have disassembled the whole enterprise … and they’ll never recover from it.'"

In the editorial pages of the Star Tribune, Robert Wilson, the former chief of clinical cardiology at the University of Minnesota, asks, "What did they to do my U?"

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