Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2014 message to Regents: Don't speak about Markingson until we move your jaws for you

Among the many intriguing items to be found in the "briefings" the Board of Regents received on the Markingson case is an April 29, 2014 message from Executive Secretary Brian Steeves (p. 5).

After alerting the Regents that "a small number of individuals" are still expressing concern about the Markingson case, Steeves warns that a "peaceful protest/vigil" is being planned outside the McNamara Alumni Center for the May Board of Regents meeting.  In bold type, Steeves gives the Regents these instructions:

"If you are contacted about this case, please refrain from responding or otherwise weighing in. Regent Alien's letter is the only statement the Board has made on the Markingson case and it is important that the Board Chair and President present a single, unified voice on this topic."

A single, unified voice?

The Board of Regents is the governing body of the university. It is supposed to be overseeing the president of the university, not taking orders from him. Why should the Regents be instructed to speak in a "single, unified voice" with the president?


  1. Or why should the Regents themselves be expected to speak with a single voice? Shouldn't divergent views be welcomed? After all, this is a university campus, isn't it?

  2. Another appalling example of circling the wagons ...

    So the Executive Secretary of the Board wrote this? Sure he did.

    And who told him to write it?

    The General Counsel? President Kaler? These are the kind of questions that an outside investigation might help answer.

    Bill Gleason
    retired U of M faculty (medical school)
    and alum (PhD, chemistry)