Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bioethicist alumni call for legislative hearings, Kaler's resignation

A group of University of Minnesota alumni is calling on state legislators to hold hearings on the cover-up of psychiatric research abuse at the university.  They write:

"Mr. Kaler’s leadership has failed on every level. Morally, his intransigence has allowed the Department of Psychiatry to continue conducting research on vulnerable subjects with grossly inadequate protections. From a legal and financial perspective, his failure to acknowledge and address these problems places the University in jeopardy of lawsuits and puts at risk millions in funding – both from the belated suspension of clinical trials and the potential to lose federal research grants. From a public relations standpoint, by allowing these issues to fester he has destroyed the institution’s credibility and subjected the University to an unending stream of negative press worldwide. The fact that the Markingson case required an investigation by the Legislative Auditor at all is a failure of leadership of staggering proportions."

"The University needs a leader who understands the gravity of the situation and has the credibility to address it. It is clear that Mr. Kaler is not capable of meeting these demands. Even after all the revelations, he seems intent on continuing down the same path. After announcing his intention to reform, he appointed a review committee comprised of many of the same people who have participated in the cover-up or turned a blind eye to it. We agree with former Governor Arne Carlson that the reputation of the University cannot be restored until Mr. Kaler and other senior officials are replaced."

Read the entire letter here.

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