Monday, March 2, 2015

Science: "Human Subjects Protection Under Fire at the University of Minnesota"

"A damning report on how the University of Minnesota (UM) protects volunteers in its clinical trials concludes that researchers inadequately reviewed research studies across the university and need more training to better protect the most vulnerable subjects. It also found that a 'climate of fear' existed in the Department of Psychiatry, where concerns about clinical trials first surfaced."

Read more in Science.

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  1. dat sh*t is so true.

    "we've made tremendous strides. this case is old news" they tweet

    but...herman and kaler weren't even here then. #soundbites #emptyrhetoric #fajitias

    why do i hashtag fajitas? cuz they do whatever the f*ck they want and so will i.

    they dont want their "brand" to be hurt. the umn is more f*cked up than nasty pharmaceutical companies.

    ppl think umn is policing itself. it's not. and no one is policing the police.