Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Legislative Auditor will present "findings related to the Dan Markingson case" on Thursday


Thursday, March 19, 2015 - 2:00 PM

Committee on Higher Education and Workforce Development
Chair: Sen. Terri E. Bonoff
2 p.m.
Room 107 Capitol

Office of the Legislative Auditor, presentation on findings related to the
Dan Markingson Case at the University of Minnesota.

** The Office of the Legislative Auditor report will be available online on
Thursday, March 19th at http://www.auditor.leg.state.mn.us/. **

Presentation on the External Review (Independent report) of Clinical
Research involving Human Subjects at the University of Minnesota


  1. Here is your report: Corruption and power-based coercion are Olson's bread and butter. He tells big pharma one story, the hospital another, the patient is kept in the dark, and the insurance company is told yet another lie etc. etc. etc.... A web of profitable lies.

    At the very least Schulz has admitted mistakes when pressed. But he has also been quite clear on where his allegiances are. (i.e. Industry studies).

    Olson - on the other hand - is BEYOND THE PALE when it comes to covering his own kiester. At this stage I wouldn't put anything passed this guy/little weasel-man.

    The clinic seems to play fast and loose with people's medical records, as well, intimidating other patients who (whom???) may be inclined to speak out against the university.

    Your's truly,

    Concerned Citizen.

  2. Anonymous - I agree with everything you stated except regarding Schulz. My opinion of Schulz is he only lies when he opens his mouth, and when caught in a lie, he squirms and wiggles like a worm.