Thursday, March 19, 2015

Legislative Auditor blasts U for failures in Markingson case

“We are especially troubled by the response of University leaders … they have made misleading statements about previous reviews and been consistently unwilling to discuss or even acknowledge that serious ethical issues and conflicts are involved.”

"University officials’ unwillingness to acknowledge and address this wider range of ethical problems is troubling. Rather than acknowledge the concerns, University officials have dismissed them and essentially said there is nothing to talk about."

"This kind of insularity is particularly troubling because it comes from University officials with an obligation to foster open discussion and debate about complex issues and societal concerns. It leaves us wondering why the University of Minnesota has a Center for Bioethics when University officials will not meet with the center’s faculty to discuss the very real and important bioethical questions the Markingson case raised." 

The Legislative Auditor's report is here.

See also coverage by MinnPost, MPR, the Associated Press, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, The St. Paul Pioneer Press, Fox 9 News and KSTP News.

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