Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hold University of Minnesota officials accountable in enrollee’s suicide.

From today's Star Tribune:

For almost 11 years we have been attempting to blow the whistle on psychiatric drug research at the University of Minnesota. As a friend of Mary Weiss, the mother of Dan Markingson, who committed suicide while enrolled in a drug study at the university, we have sought to gain access to truthful information as to how it happened. We were rebuffed, lied to and stonewalled.

Now the legislative auditor’s report finally verifies that the Board of Regents and university officials repeatedly misled the media, the public and the Legislature and that they provided cover to those who were engaged in blatant conflicts of interest and coercive behavior that has caused irreparable harm to study enrollees and the reputation of the university itself.

To date there has not been a single effort to hold these offenders accountable. Instead, they have been put in charge of reforming the corrupt processes they themselves instituted. Once again, it appears the only solution the university ever considers is putting the foxes in charge of chicken coops.

Mike Howard, Cottage Grove

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