Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"His medical record shows extreme anxiety and paranoia, a history of head injuries and lengthy battle with alcoholism."

Faced with public criticism by an injured research subject who had been coerced into a study of an unapproved antipsychotic drug, this is how the university responded:

 "His medical record shows extreme anxiety and paranoia, a history of head injuries and lengthy battle with alcoholism. It is highly inappropriate for him to be put in the media spotlight as a spokesperson for clinical trial safety."

 Is this really the way that President Kaler and the Board of Regents want the university to respond to a vulnerable, injured patient -- by attempting to discredit him because of his mental illness?


  1. Unless the clinical trial was being promoted as a "real world" study, which I highly doubt it as the drug was in the hell did this person ever get approved for the study in the first place...with a history of "head injuries, alcoholism, paranoia...etc" exactly what was going to be learned from this patient on this drug with that known personal history ? Criminal charges should be brought against the PI and study coordinator for having even enrolled this poor individual.

  2. Also, according to the patient he had never before taken an antipsychotic drug of any kind, and therefore being a "first episode psychosis" patient...which supposedly responds better than chronic patients to approved medications....where in the hell does the principal investigator get off enrolling him into an experimental study instead of simply attempting to stabilize and treat the young man with the best available treatment regimen. This is Josef Mengele Olson at his finest.

  3. The thing that confuses me is how people who claim to be studying the "tolerability" and "efficacy" of these medications routinely dismiss serious side effects as "psychosomatic" or "worsening of the disease".... So they're not researching efficacy... just pleasing the sponsor and cashing in. Forget bodily harm or akathesia, Olson/Schulz are Industry men to the bitter end.
    As far as the victims previous medical history... the doctors/Univ. can say whatever they want about him/her without question. "If it's in our system it must be true."