Sunday, January 18, 2015

University trustees revolt against their administrative overlords

Now here's a shocker: a dissident group of university trustees at the University of Louisville is demanding that the administration inform it about "sensitive issues" before they are made public.

The revolt began last May when a university trustee accused the University of Louisville administration of hiding bad news from the Board of Trustees. The University of Louisville medical school had been put on probation for the second time in only a few months and the administration had neglected to inform the board. Trustee Steve Wilson said he didn't learn about the medical school's probation until he read about it in the newspaper. He wanted to resign, but the governor asked him not to.

Eight months later Wilson has allies, and they want answers.

What's shocking, of course, is not that the University of Louisville propaganda machine neglected to pass on unpleasant news to the Board. That's to be expected.  What's unusual is that a group of trustees is refusing to play the part of happy peasants in their administration's Potemkin Village.  Don't they understand what the point of the Board of Trustees is?

Maybe they should sit on on a few meetings of the University of Minnesota's Board of Regents and take some notes.

(HT University Diary)

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