Friday, January 23, 2015

Former President of Minnesota Psychiatric Society disciplined yet again

It's hard to imagine that any psychiatrist judged responsible for the deaths and injuries of forty-six patients -- including five suicides - would still be allowed to practice medicine.  It's even harder to imagine why pharmaceutical companies would still hire him to speak and consult for them, especially when his misconduct has been featured in The New York Times, Dateline NBC, The Boston Globe and The New Yorker.  But this is Minnesota. We do things differently here.

And so when Dr. Abuzzahab was disciplined again in 2006 for writing prescriptions for patients using false names, nobody blinked. The same was true for his most recent appearance before the Board of Medical practice last November. This time he "prescribed excessive quantities of medications for multiple patients."  (Take a guess what kinds of medications those were.)  According to the Board, an "audit revealed that in seven patient cases, Respondent's prescribing practices and procedures failed to meet the minimum acceptable standards of medical practice."

The punishment, of course, is another slap on the wrist.  And this time he doesn't even have to take an ethics course.


  1. He used to be my psychiatrist...he used to push certain drugs and at very high doses. When I would bring my prescriptions to the pharmacy, the pharmacist would question the dosage. I quit seeing him after three appointments. The first two appointments he was at least 45 minutes behind. When I arrived for the third appointment, I was told that he was running about 1½ - 2 hours behind. I told the receptionist to cancel my appointment and that they better not charge me or my insurance company. They had the audacity to ask when I wanted to reschedule my appointment, I said NEVER. Dr. Faruk Abuzzahab should not be allowed to practice any form of medicine anywhere ever again!

  2. It's just as disgusting or more to think that the medical board hired either Chuck Schulz or David Adson to consult on Abuzzahab's case, knowing full well that neither of them would find any real wrongdoing, or even if they did, would never recommend any type of real discipline. Both Schulz and Adson have had a relationship over the years with Abuzzahab through the U-MN or Fairview Riverside and the "good old boys club" with pharma backing is alive and well.

  3. I have known Dr Abuzzahab for about 30 years and have only known him as compassionate and caring when it came to my medical care. I believe that most doctors are cowards when it comes to psychiatric medications. They are ruled by the threat of lawsuits from greedy lawyers and sanctions from corrupt state medical boards. At least Dr Abuzzahab has the courage to practice in the best interest of the patient and not the government.

  4. He has been a lifesaver for many because he thinks out of the box...thank God for Dr. Abu. Unfortunately, some will die. I'm one that did not because of Dr. Abu's quick and reality based approaches to drug therapies. He doesn't mess around waiting for nothing to happen.