Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Investigators say a Minnesota hospital performed unnecessary brain surgeries on a boy

Munchausen syndrome by proxy can be hard to spot. Parents can be extraordinarily convincing, and it is natural to think that they have the best interests of their child at heart.  Even so, it's hard to excuse performing invasive surgical procedures on a child without even examining his or her medical record. That appears to be what happened in this startling case, reported by A.J. Lagoe at KARE 11 News.

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  1. That was what almost happened to my child at Gillette's neurosurgery department as well : tremendous push for multiple surgeries on condition that the doctor knew (he admitted later himself) did not exist, and without review of medical records. In our case, additional opinions of honest neurosurgeons saved the child from unnecessary trauma, lifetime worth of suffering, and possibly death. Munchhausen syndrome is a thing for crooked docs to hide behind shifting the blame for their malpractice onto parents. The focus should be on the crooked doctors and hospital administrators that endorse them. How many cases like that have not been reported, is hard to tell. Patients out of state and out of the country make easier victims for crooked doctors. Remember the name: Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare.