Friday, November 14, 2014

Levitating grandmas and robot love

"What I like so much about Elliott’s work is that her writing reflects dissatisfaction with where we are going as a society. Her characters are being propelled toward an end that is inevitable and unsatisfying. Elliott writes about big issues: how we treat our senior citizens, the spread of viruses, the fear of growing old, the excess of vanity, the hypocrisy of religion, the quality of our food, the precariousness of technology, and yes, the end of the world. Pirates invade, characters worry about the death toll in Afghanistan, and people sunburn. A grandmother levitates above the couch, a mechanical shark terrifies an aging woman, and a robot feels love. Elliott is a prose stylist and thinker all her own. Her work is unique and haunting, often drifting into apocalyptic and dystopian territory, but in many ways rooted in reality. I could not turn away from her tales."

Kim Winternheimer on Julia Elliott's The Wilds.   The review is in The Rumpus.

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