Saturday, October 4, 2014

What's the deal with the anti-trans ad in the Star Tribune?

If you are are one of the dwindling number of print subscribers to the Star Tribune, you might have wondered what the story was behind a full-page ad in last Sunday's edition, which read, "A male wants to shower beside your 14 year-old  daughter. Are YOU okay with that?"  But the Strib isn't talking -- at least not to reporters from City Pages.

"If you were doing a story on how media of all kinds (broadcast, print, digital) handle campaign and advocacy advertising, I'd consider how we could contribute to the conversation," Steve Yaeger, the Strib's VP for marketing and public relations, wrote to City Pages in an email. "But I don't think that's what you're doing."

City Pages has the story here, and a follow-up interview with media ethics professor Jane Kirtley here.

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