Saturday, September 13, 2014

A college newspaper says goodbye to print

Check this out.  Mt. San Antonio College is shutting down its award-winning campus newspaper -- newspaper, as in print -- and moving it online to Medium.  Toni Albertson, a journalism professor at Mt. San Antonio, describes what prompted the move:

"The worst part was that they [the student newspaper staffers] were defeated. They began to realize they were putting out the newspaper for the administration and faculty, and not for the student population. It’s hard to spend endless hours on a publication, only to walk by a campus news kiosk to see the newspaper’s crusty edges from hours of sitting in a pile under the sun, or on a windy day blowing all over the campus. And on those days when they set up tables to hand out the paper, they found themselves begging people to take it. They may have just as well been handing out free VHS tapes. Something had to change."

The full article, called "The Experiment," is on Medium (of course.)

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