Monday, August 11, 2014

VA "allowed psychiatric patients to languish in a state of 'egregious neglect,' drugged up with powerful antipsychotics"

"Powers had been moved from his bed to a recliner, where he was rigidly bent forward, drooling uncontrollably, unable to communicate. His hands trembled violently. Records showed he was being administered a mix of powerful antipsychotic drugs, one of them with side effects that included tremors, also a primary symptom of Parkinson’s."

"But amid thousands of notes on his case, there was not a single reference to indicate that Powers, who died last year, had ever been seen by a psychiatrist after being admitted to the long-term care unit seven years earlier."

 “'Not once,' said Chopra, still sounding shocked. Hospital staff had also not ordered a standard blood test for a patient in his condition taking such medications. 'Something like this would be shocking if it happened in a Third World country.'”

More neglect at a VA, another whistleblower punished.  Read more in the Boston Globe.

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