Monday, August 11, 2014

Say goodbye to the Clozaril King

Illinois has suspended the medical license of Dr. Michael Reinstein, aka The Clozaril King.  Reinstein "received 'illegal direct and indirect remuneration' from the maker of generic clozapine; did not consider alternative treatments for his patients; and disregarded patients' well-being because of potentially life-threatening side effects of the drug."  

"In 2009, ProPublica and the Chicago Tribune detailed how he had prescribed more of the antipsychotic clozapine to patients in Medicaid's Illinois program in 2007 than all doctors in the Medicaid programs of Texas, Florida and North Carolina combined. Autopsy and court records showed that, by 2009, at least three patients under Reinstein's care had died of clozapine intoxication."

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