Sunday, June 1, 2014

"We're in the midst of a massive cover-up," says former Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson

If you ask me, that's the most important sentence in last week's article in Science about the psychiatric research scandals at the University of Minnesota. Governor Carlson is right: there is a massive cover-up going on. This scandal is not just about Dan Markingson anymore. As Mike Howard said at the May 9 demonstration in front of the McNamara Center, referring to victims of unethical research: "Dan was not alone. There are many more."

How many other subjects have been coerced into psychiatric research studies?  How many of those subjects have committed suicide?  We will never know the answer to these questions until other patients and families have the courage to speak out, just as Robert spoke out to KMSP on May 19.  For over ten years, secrecy has served the University of Minnesota well. It has also served the interests of attorneys.  But it has been disastrous for patients and their families.

Six months ago, we delivered a petition to Governor Mark Dayton's office, asking for an external investigation.  For six months Lauren Gilchrist, a health care advisor to Dayton, has promised that we would have an answer soon. "Next week," she always says.  But the answer never comes, and to be honest, I doubt it will ever come without loud, sustained public pressure.  Mike Howard and Mary Weiss can't fight this battle alone anymore. They need help.

Read the article in Science.  Listen to Leigh Turner's speech to the University of Minnesota Board of Regents.  Ask yourself: how many other families have been through an ordeal like the one that Mary Weiss has been through? How many other patients have committed suicide?  How many deaths could have been prevented if only people had spoken out sooner?


  1. To
    Today at 12:20 AM
    Dear Ms. Gilchrist,

    I've followed the Dan Markingson case since I first read of his preventable, tragic and needless death. I spoke with his grief stricken mother Mary years ago. She told me of her repeated warnings of Dan's suicidal intent to researchers/mental health providers which were completely ignored.

    It's obvious to anyone who is acquainted with the facts of this case that the psychiatrists intrusted with Dan's well being betrayed that sacred trust out of greed. They wanted the $15,000 for his participation in the study regardless of the risks. It was more important to them to complete a research study and receive the money from the drug company than to protect Dan's life.

    Without an independent study into Dan's death which includes statements from the staff that was providing direct care and from Dan's mother, the men responsible for Dan's death will go unpunished. They will continue to recklessly endanger the lives of other innocent patients under their care and will never face the consequences of their unethical, depraved and criminal actions.

    Please call for an external investigation.

    What if Dan were your son? Wouldn't you want the persons responsible for his death brought to justice and stopped from killing others? Common decency demands an external investigation. please call for one immediately.


    Mary Ellen Gottlieb

    1. In response to Ms. Gottlib.

      The reason for the failure to investigate is quite simple.

      If such an investigation were to occur, certain facts would lead to criminal indictments of the doctors who have been paid off by pharmaceutical corporations.

      Then, depending upon the legal strategy, and who was given immunity, further criminal charges would result. Significant civil monies would then be paid. The lawsuits would have a cascade affect upon the country. The responsibility by the US Army and the Central Intelligence Agency would become obvious, for their roles in Operation Bluebird, and the rest of the MK/Ultra mischief.

      The investigators would uncover a massive conspiracy between various universities, hospitals, prisons, several law firms, US Federal Government agencies, and several of the pharmaceutical corporations, resulting in too many criminal cases to prosecute, given average life expectancy.

      The bankruptcy cases that would follow, would tie up the legal system indefinitely. So, as I have said before, the Dan Markingson case will never be investigated, because it would bankrupt this country. The political leaders in this country don't need another scandal, especially one that would ruin the economy: they seem capable of ruining it all by themselves.

      In the future, our children will examine and read about what happened here. They will realize that Hitler started mind control projects in Nazi Germany, and various people simply continued Hitler's experiments on USA soil after World War Two ended. Dan Markingson is the result of the government sponsored experiments that began in 1945. Today the government is to embarrassed to admit the coverup, and even if they did admit, they don't have enough money to pay for the damage.