Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Academics tell Kaler: Your fake investigation has no credibility

"The administration has not only excessively limited the mandate of the committee so as to exclude any meaningful review of ethical issues with past and ongoing research practices on the ground, it now also has appointed a committee which is affected by conflicts of interest. It is hard to understand how the administration can think it can do this and still maintain even the slightest credibility in the process."

Professor Trudo Lemmens and his academic co-authors have written to Eric Kaler to protest the appointment of AAHRPP to investigate psychiatric research miscconduct at the U.  Read the letter here.

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  1. German Nazi soldiers are still being sought for their roles in warcrimes which occurred 70 years ago.

    Someone has created a time limit of going back only 10 years to investigate the carnage at the UMN Department of Psychiatry.

    Since the statute of limitations for the crime of murder is none, who, and why, has someone invented the magic number of 10 years, as a time limit in these cases.

    Deaths have occurred at the UMN and other Minneapolis hospitals under suspicious circumstances for decades. Who is trying to limit the investigation into all these deaths by placing a false time limit of ten years on it.

    Everyone knows that the dead bodies have a history that can be traced back to 1945, so, let the facts speak, once and for all. Stop covering up murder in hospitals.