Monday, May 12, 2014

Gov. Arne Carlson writes to Board of Regents demanding answers about Markingson case

MPR News reports that former Governor Arne Carlson has written to the Board of Regents demanding an investigation and public hearings.  The U's public relations department has replied with the same false information it has pumped out for the past six years -- with no challenge by MPR.


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  2. Dear Arne Carlson,

    Thankyou for becoming a voice for the voiceless. The predicament that exists at the UMN Psychiatry Department is worthy of some immediate attention. As Carl indicates, the current governor has not acknowledged the DanMarkingson petition. The situation is dire.

    If another death or injury were to occur now, the outpouring of dissatisfaction would not be good. The two camps are bitterly divided. One side demands an investigation, while the other claims no responsibility. The facts are clear. No investigation has yet occurred.

    There may be two paths toward reconciliation. You must encourage the current governor to persuade the UMN leaders to deal with the DanMarkingson case now, by way of using the existing checks and balances. If that cannot be accomplished, then you must get federal authorities involved. The appearance of impropriety from Switzerland to the Minnesota Supreme Court is present.

    One way or another, there will be a reckoning. I implore you to seek the truth, and everyone will be better off. Some pain now, will ameliorate much pain later.

    Please use your contacts with speed, and use compassion as your compass.

  3. Dear Arne:

    Thankyou for speaking out on behalf of the voiceless. This mundane drug study, that resulted in a bloody ending known as the Markingson tragedy, requires attention.

    The oversight has failed. The psychiatry department has failed. The bioethicists have failed. The lawyers and judges have failed miserably. Money, greed, and the desire for fame, have resulted in a stalemate.

    There is fault on both sides of this case, as they compete for different prizes.

    You should inspire the Governor to act. The work that is not being done, because of the attention to this case is unacceptable. The mischief has been going on since 1945. It must stop.

    The death of Dr. Frank Olson in New York, 60 years ago, echoes now.

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