Saturday, May 10, 2014

Flowers and a coffin for the U of M Board of Regents

From Minnesota Public Radio:

"Protesters disrupted a University of Minnesota regents budget forum today over the 2004 suicide of a university drug-trial patient."

"Three dozen people gathered outside McNamara Alumni Center during the meeting to commemorate Dan Markingson. The 26-year old died during a clinical test of an anti-psychotic drug after critics say university researchers exploited him."

"They held signs with slogans such as “Justice for Dan” and “Shame on U,” and stood near a black coffin to symbolize his death. They’re calling for an independent investigation into his death, and the release of the number of research patients who have died or been seriously injured since 1999.

"About 12:45 p.m., some vigil participants interrupted a forum speaker and began placing flowers silently on regents’ desks. They left after the chairman told them to stop or he’d clear the room."

Well, I'm not sure I'd call the flowers much of a "disruption." It was all over pretty quickly.  But judging by the loud, angry shouts from Richard Beeson, the chairman, I doubt the Regents appreciated the gesture.

Read about it on the MPR website.

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  1. The flower procession lasted about 75 seconds, in almost total silence. There was only one angry, loud, unsure, but aggressive voice. That voice stopped in mid sentence. Anger, many times, is an element of guilt.