Thursday, April 3, 2014

U Senate rejects move to condemn Charles Manson invitation

The University of Minnesota Senate has overwhelmingly rejected a resolution condemning the university administration for inviting singer-songwriter and cult leader Charles Manson to deliver the 2014 university commencement address.

The Senate, which represents faculty, students and staff, voted 122-21 to reject the resolution, which had been toned down from an original resolution that would have urged university leaders to rescind the invitation.  That resolution pointed out Manson's role in the murders of seven people, including actress Sharon Tate.

“Regardless of political opinions about the murders, I think it’s a really cool opportunity to have somebody like Charles Manson on campus,” said Rob Olson, president of the University of Minnesota Music Appreciation Society, noting that Manson songs have been covered by Guns N' Roses, Marilyn Manson and White Zombie.  He added that it is important on a university campus “to have multiple viewpoints.”

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