Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Should the U honor politicians who authorize torture? Nearly 200 professors say no

Read the statement on the upcoming Condoleeza Rice visit  here.  And the MinnPost coverage here.

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  1. Voting with my feet...

    I love the U of M's chemistry department. Many fine researchers, students and teachers. A truly quality operation.

    My will is due for a revamp. I had planned to leave a fair chunk of my paltry estate to the U of M.

    But the behavior of the U in the Markingson case is so pathetic that I no longer feel that I can in good conscience contribute money to the U. I am a great believer in the value of public higher education but this behavior has been despicable.

    My little pot of donations to higher ed will, therefore, go to Northwestern, Mac, and Auggie. Unless and until the U does the right thing in the Markingson case.


    Bill Gleason - U of M retired faculty and alum