Friday, April 4, 2014

Nurse wrote "Faker!" on the chart of inmate with life-threatening blood clot

And her supervisor responded by shreddding the document. 

If you have not been reading Strib reporter Paul McEnroe's jaw-dropping reports on the disgraceful state of health care in Minnesota prisons, it is time to start.

The background:

"Erick Thomas lay in his bunk moaning in pain, too weak to make the night's final count at Stillwater prison. Alerted by guards, two nurses gave him a 10-minute exam and concluded he was merely suffering from a muscle spasm near his neck. One wrote "Faker!" in her shift report before going home for the night."

"By midnight, Thomas was writhing on the floor of his cell. The next morning, he was found paralyzed, drenched in urine and near death. After an ambulance rushed him to Regions Hospital in St. Paul, doctors discovered a blood clot pressing on nerves atop his spine. He underwent emergency surgery and a week later, at age 30, had to learn to walk all over again. 'I felt like they were trying to kill me,' Thomas said. 'No human being should be treated like that.'"

According to today's report, Sara Hard, a health administrator at the Stillwater prison, ordered Cassie Rider, a registered nurse, to destroy the document that read "Faker!" Rider refused, so Hard shredded it herself.  But Rider had made a photocopy, which has now wound up in court.

Rider says, “I just believe in always trying to do the right thing. I never looked up what any of these men did to end up in prison, I just believed they deserved the same health care as anyone else.”

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