Saturday, April 5, 2014

Klobuchar wants to help U psychiatrists do for others what they did for Dan Markingson

Dan Markingson was coerced into a "first episode psychosis" study at the U and killed himself in May 2004.  Now, as we approach the ten year anniversary of his death, we learn that Senator Amy Klobuchar has visited the Department of Psychiatry to express her support for the U's "first episode psychosis" program, especially its founder, Dr. Charles Schulz, who was the co-investigator on the study in which Markingson died. 

What is Klobuchar thinking?

In other circumstances, I might guess that Klobuchar is simply clueless -- that she has no knowledge of the controversy over Dan Markingson's death, or the role of Schulz, or the ugly history of the Department of Psychiatry.  But if that is the case, what am I to make of the phone calls I have gotten from Klobuchar's staff, asking how they can help with the Markingson case?

Very curious.

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