Saturday, March 8, 2014

The fix is in

You know it; I know it; and so does Leigh Turner.  Senior officials at the U are far too involved in covering up research misconduct ever to permit a legitimate investigation.  You can read Leigh's take on the latest absurdity here.  Alex Friedrich at MPR writes that he has asked U officials for a response. 

(Why don't I just write it for them?  "The tragic death of Mr. Markingson nearly ten years ago has been fully investigated by federal, state and local bodies, as well as the university's own IRB, none of which found fault with University of Minnesota researchers.  We are fully committed to a transparent review of current research policies and we are confident that such a review will show that that our policies meet or surpass the established best practices.") 

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  1. There’s also the little item of medical experts hired by the state medical board (David Adson) to investigate problem psychiatrists at the U do such a poor job evaluating a physician's performance that they handicap efforts to discipline even the most egregious offenders.