Monday, March 3, 2014

Re Your Brains

Is there actually a human being out there in the world who teaches people to write gibberish like this?

"This position will contribute to the delivery of the one or more of the key strategic priorities for the J&J CMO, in particular execution of the cross sector safety transformation project or management of the processes that will be put in place for oversight of J&J's data disclosure and transparency policies."

Or does it just require a long career in bioethics at Johnson and Johnson?

1 comment:

  1. Au contraire, bioethics experience in pharma is not an absolute requirement.

    A background in university administration also serves very well, my favorite example being:

    "our fundamental mission as a University must be deployed in service of the broader transnational learning process"

    This came from a law school dean, provost, and now president of a university.

    Guess who?

    There may be less of this in the future - at least in this over-the-top style, since nowadays university administrators no longer write their own material but pay others for this service.