Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dr. Mickey Nardo on the Markingson Case: University of Minnesota administrators are behaving like Southern politicians in the civil rights era

Psychiatrist Mickey Nardo has posted some exceptionally insightful commentaries on the disgraceful circumstances that led to Dan Markingson's death, including this excellent piece on the puzzling design of the CAFE study.  In his latest post, Nardo comments on the efforts of University of Minnesota administrators to avoid an investigation. 

"This current tack of limiting the investigation to current conditions, leaving Markingson’s out of the investigation, and putting it out for bidding along with office furniture on a request for proposal site can only be seen as deliberate obstruction of the faculty senate mandate – and a direct insult."

"My roots are showing here, but the only analogies I can think of that equal the University of Minnesota’s behavior in this case are the antics of some of our southern politicians during the Civil Rights days – people who felt that they could twist the rules and abuse their powers at will. And in this instance, this case has now expanded a notch, from the ethics of human experimentation to include the ethical integrity of the academy itself." 

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